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Great Commission entertainment!

Watch your family become engaged to faith and adventure through following the lives of real life missionaries!

Ages 3-16


Award-winning adventures

Stream 180+ Titles

New episodes every Saturday

Reality TV

Lifestyle vlogs


Audio Drama

Livestreams with missionary kid hosts, the Wild Brothers

Stream across your favorite devices.

a laptop, desktop and mobile phone displaying wild brother videos

Watch offline.

the four wild brothers running on a beach
a laptop, desktop and mobile phone

Adventure Chat!

Don't trust Snapchat or Instagram? Interact with the Wild Brothers and other families through a safe social media chat focused on your adventures in Creation and living on mission for Christ! 

a social media thread about the wild brothers and their adventures

What MOMS are saying

Love what the Wild Brothers are doing with this app

We love watching the Wild Brothers. We know our children will be learning about God's creation and encouraged in their faith. The films are so well done and very entertaining. We can't recommend it enough!

Great videos and awesome community! Fun and spiritually 

encouraging for the whole family!"

I love this app! The content is awesome one completely focused on bringing glory to Christ.

What DADS are saying

"So awesome to have such great content available for all ages. A great way for parents, especially fathers to watch with their family and then talk about it."

Great app and even better content!🔥🔥

testimonials of parental approval
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