Wild Brothers
adventures in Creation


Welcome to our World

Give your kids a truly Christian worldview as they experience creation like never before! Get ready to meet these four modern-day missionary kids as they adventure far into God's creation and discover the rich wildlife of the jungle of a remote Pacific island.

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Jewels of the Jungle

Meet Asher Wild and his three fun-loving teenage brothers. These homeschooled missionary kids live deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Like most boys, they love to catch strange bugs - jewels of the jungle in all sizes and colors. Their bug collection is super-sized!

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Paradise Lost

Get ready for an amazing underwater adventure! The hard-working Wild family is joined by missionary friends for some restful “down time” at a nearby island’s tropical shoreline. However in true Wild family style, the boys (and their parents) soon set out to discover new things about God’s creation.

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Tiger Trail

Join the Wild brothers as they hike remote trails in search of the legendary Tasmanian tiger. They are determined to uncover the truth while deepening their relationships with the people of their mountain. Get your family together to fully enjoy an adventure you will never forget!

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Island of the Gods

The fifth Wild Brothers family adventure DVD follows the homeschooling missionaries Mike and Libby and their four sons to the rich but challenging culture of Bali, Indonesia!

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Changes in Latitude

Join the Wild Brothers for the best adventure yet! Discover God's creation, and learn from a family who trusts God through a scary and totally new season in their lives.

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Preparing for Depature

With their return to the United States approaching, the four Wild brothers set off on another thrilling adventure ... This time they are building a wooden boat to sail halfway across the world!

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Deep-Sea Canoe

After all of the preparations, the Wild Brothers are ready to start their voyage aboard their hand-made Deep-Sea Canoe! Climb aboard for a family adventure your kids may never forget!

"Following Christ is the ultimate adventure!"