Growing up



Growing up Wild takes you to a remote jungle and shares with you the day to day life of the four Wild Brothers, encouraging children to impact the world for God's glory!


We really consider it a great privilege to be a part of foreign missions in a remote part of the world. 


We believe that the Bible is true and living and powerful. We believe that it is God’s desire and His plan to redeem people from every nation and people group. 


We want to share with you about our story with Him. It is our prayer that God will raise up men and women who want to live all out for Him, craving to be stretched and used and poured out for His namesake.

- Mike & Libby Wild

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Activity Guide

Each episode comes with an activity guide for students to interact with the material in the DVDs, including action points of ways to implement missionary lessons into everyday life, exciting ways to explore God's Creation, cultural and worldview analysis, and much more!

"With the Wild brothers leading, each episode is full of wonder, discovery, and amazement at the mighty works of God's hand" 
"Each video has enough ideas in the activity guide to fill a Sunday school classroom with giggles and fun for a full hour, and each video also has a message about God, Jesus and the gospel."

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