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Experience faith, adventure, and community all on one streaming platform.

Real Faith.
Real Adventure.

Keep your family entertained without being influenced by worldly media.

Be inspired to live out your own faith and adventure as world changers for Jesus Christ!

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Off the Couch.
Into Creation.

Unlock our new show Off the Couch into Creation by helping us reach our goal of 3,000 subscribers on Wild Brothers TV! 

Don't miss a single adventure!

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Meet the Crew!

We grew up in the jungles and islands of Southeast Asia as our family shared the Good News of Jesus Christ where it hadn't been heard before. When our home church asked what it was like being modern day missionary kids, we discovered that the best way to answer was through filmmaking. This sent us on an incredible journey of documenting our lives and adventures on camera.


"Our mission is to engage our generation to live out the ultimate adventure of following Jesus Christ!"  

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Left to right: Hudson, Asher, Kian and Morgan

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