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Growing up Wild

Missions curriculum kids will binge watch!

Where'd all the missionaries go?

We grew up homeschooling and loved it! But we noticed that all the great missionary stories we grew up reading happened ages ago. Is world missions a reality today? Are there still nations that have never heard of Jesus Christ? Are Christians still 

called to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth? 

The answer is yes! God is still bringing nations to Himself, and using regular families like us to do it!

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Modern Missions

Use Growing up Wild to teach your children about modern missions and the urgency of the Great Commission. Watch the day-to-day lives of the Wild brothers as they grow up church planting among an unreached people group, and be encouraged to impact the world for God's glory!

Course Breakdown

Below is a suggested course breakdown for the 15 episodes of Growing up Wild. Homeschooling is about making it work for you. You could spread this out over a whole semester, or watch all the videos in a week!


Week 1


Ep.1) Home Sweet Hut

Ep.2) Supply Trip

Week 2

Ep.3) Sun & Water

Ep.4) Rainy Day

Week 3

Ep.5) New Discoveries

Ep.6) Hiking Adventure

Week 4

Ep.7) The Good Earth

Ep.8) Near and Far

Week 5

Ep.9) Dr. in the Hut

Ep.10) Amazing World

Week 6

Ep.11) Adventures in Culture

Ep.12) Tribal Calling

Week 7

Ep.13Discovering Language

Ep.14The Feast

Week 8

Ep.15Misconceptions of Missions

Each 15 minute episode comes with an activity guide! Check out a sample here:


Mom Feedback

Here is what homeschool moms are saying about Growing up Wild!

Homeschooling 4 Him

“The words of the Great Commission are clear. Matthew 28:19 says, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.” But, how do we raise kids that have a heart for world missions? I found the answer when I discovered the Growing Up Wild homeschool missions curriculum from Wild Brothers Productions.”

Mamma of Many Blessings

“All I can say is that we LOVED these DVD’s! I have never seen or heard of any type of missionary resources like this before, so these DVD’s have been such a blessing to a family trying to teach their children about the differences, work, and sacrifices that is really all involved in missionary work!”

My Homeschool with a View

Modern day missions are relatable to modern day kids. Do you ever

notice that most missionary biographies and stories focus on people and events that took place centuries ago? The Wild Brothers serve in modern day. 

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