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50th Annual ICVM Crown Awards

About 6 months ago, we went to the 50th annual ICVM (International Christian Visual Media) storyteller conference. It was an amazing opportunity for us to be encouraged and surrounded by fellow Christian filmmakers, many of whom have had decades of experience in the media world. We made some amazing connections, got lots of business cards, and were able to represent what Wild Brothers Productions is all about.

The highlight of the conference though was by far the last evening. There was a fancy dinner, great speakers, and the anticipated announcements of the ICVM Crown Awards nominees. By the end of the evening, we had been nominated 6 times in various categories! We were very excited and very humbled by the honor. We left the conference grateful to the Lord for the opportunity.

Flash forward 6 months later, the time finally came for the award ceremony to take place and reveal who the bronze, silver, and gold awards would go to. We flew to Orlando just for the occasion, hoping that perhaps between the 6 nominations we would win something!

With all of our projects, we've always committed them to the Lord ahead of time, knowing that "Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain" ( Psalm 127:1 ). With this in mind, we were very content the night of the ceremony, knowing that the Lord is the one who opens and closes doors in our lives, and that regardless of the outcome we would be very blessed.

All of that to say, by the end of the night out of the 6 nominations we received 5 Crown Awards: 3 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze!

Again, we were very excited and very humbled at the same time, and couldn't be more thankful to the Lord for the privilege! We see the awards not only as validation from other filmmakers but ultimately as validation from God that He is the One going before and behind us on this journey.

The 2 awards that we are especially excited about are: the Gold Crown Award for Best Children's Film, which went to the first episode of our new TV show Off the Couch Into Creation, and the Gold Crown Award for best Documentary under 50K, which went to our Adventure documentary Islands of the Four Kings! Praise the Lord!

We can't wait to finish what is now an Award Winning tv show! Stay tuned!


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