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Growing up as missionary kids, mission aviation pilots were some of our biggest heroes. We lived so remotely that our tribe was only accessible by either a 2-3 week trek through some of the most treacherous jungles on earth, or a flight from a bush helicopter or plane. So in this way, mission aviation was the lifeline of many missionaries who were serving too far removed from civilization, including our family.

Oftentimes missionaries on the ground get most of the credit for reaching a people group with the gospel, when in reality the missionaries on the field are just the tip of the spear. There are so many more members of Christ's body, serving sacrificially day in and day out, that are also responsible for seeing the task accomplished. Pilots are a huge part of that.

So, growing up we were well acquainted with having epic rides through the cloud shrouded mountains, spotting the occasional waterfall or landslide on the lofty and jagged crags piercing the sky.

Since the missionary pilots who served us were not only our heroes, but often times our good friends, they would let us fly the planes when the weather was clear. Over the years we've gotten to fly planes such as the PC-12, PC-6, and Kodiak. Because of these experiences growing up, being a missionary pilot was something that I ( Asher ), was very interested in pursuing when I grew up. Although the Lord has made it clear that that is not a part of His plan for the time being, going out flying is still one of the most thrilling experiences and brings back great memories.

Flash forward all these years later, we found ourselves once again in need of getting airborne. Instead of cruising headlong into the mountains though, we needed to get out over the water. Thankfully, our good friend Mr. Woods was more than happy to join in the adventure and take us up in his Tobago. Our goal? To spot any shipwrecks visible from the air. I can't give any spoiler alerts, but lets just say that you never know what you might find when you get off your couch and ( in this case ) into the air. This may be one of my favorite episodes so far!


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