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Foundational, Christ-Centered Teaching.

As brothers, one of the biggest things that makes us tick is having adventures together. It doesn't really matter what it is, wether it's going on a hike, exploring untouched jungles, finding interesting insect life, or just walking down the beach enjoying a beautiful sunset.

As long as we are together and out in God's creation, we're bound to have a good time.

More than that, what really gets us excited is being obedient to Christ and his mission. The good news of the gospel is something that's always on the forefront of our minds, and we have a passion for sharing it with everyone we can!

For over a decade now we've been taking our cameras along on our adventures, first in Southeast Asia and now in the U.S., because we want to share with people a glimpse of our heart and lives. Oftentimes that manifests itself in an entertaining, action packed adventure out in creation. But we long to share much more than just the day's adventure. We want to inspire our viewers to live all out for Christ!

One of the ways we do this in our new show Off the Couch Into Creation is through intentional, foundational Bible teaching. In each of the ten episodes of the show, we have a time where we get to share about one of the main truths to our faith. Starting in the beginning, and going all the way through the Bible, we give viewers an understanding of God's plan to redeem a sinful people unto Himself.

We've found that many people here in the States can have a compartmentalized view of the Bible. Even growing up through Sunday school and other outlets we are taught amazing, key accounts of God's Word, but often in isolation from the greater story for the Bible. For instance, someone might learn a great lesson from the account of David and Goliath, but how does David and his victory over Goliath play into the the bigger picture of God's plan of redemption? Through a more foundational, chronological perspective we see David as a man after God's own heart who will replace Saul as King of Israel. Through David's lineage we see that the Messiah will come, the one who will reign on David's thrown forever. David is just a small part of a much grander story pointing to Christ.

Our family is convinced that this kind of foundational teaching is the most impactful way to build a biblical worldview and strengthen our faith. We experienced this first hand watching God transform a remote people group from darkness to light, and have also seen the fruit of this approach here in the States as well, a place becoming increasingly biblically illiterate.

We believe foundational Bible teaching (as implemented in our new series) will make a great impact in the lives of viewers, as they see and hear the truth of God's word as it's lived out through our family on camera. We don't want people to see the Christian faith as something that's to be lived in separation from real life. Quite the opposite, all our adventures in life find their meaning and purpose in Christ. Without him, we have no hope. As Jesus himself said, "apart from me, you can do nothing" ( John 15:5 ). We don't want people to try and live their lives apart from him; we are convinced that living for Christ is the most fulfilling, purposeful, joyous and exhilarating way to spend our lives!


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