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As we've been continuing the film and production process for our new tv show Off the Couch Into Creation, one glaring question has stood out–––– where will it end up?

There are a whole host of Christian streaming platforms out there, many of which we have been communicating with. The overall positivity towards Off the Couch Into Creation has been amazing to see, and we are truly excited about launching season 1. But none of the platforms that we have been working with seem to be the perfect fit.

So we've decided (after much prayer and consideration) to live up to our last name and do something Wild. We are starting our very own streaming platform––––welcome to WILDBROTHERS.TV!

We could not be more excited about this new development. Creating our own streaming platform has been a dream idea, but now it is a reality. We definitely see the Lord's hand this past year, as He has opened many doors to make this possible.

But what makes WILDBROTHERS.TV stand out from other streaming platforms? Well for one you will be able to watch (for the first time ever) all of your favorite Wild Brothers adventures in one place. Secondly, WBTV will be (BY FAR) the most missional based platform out there, inspiring people to do their part in the Great Commission. Additionally, our platform will host content from other like-minded followers of Christ, ranging from documentaries to audio drama.

Finally, WBTV will be what we like to call "a community of adventurers". Unlike other platforms where the adventure is over after the movie ends, on WBTV you can interact not only with my brothers and I through live chats and behind the scenes posts, but you can also build friendships with other adventurers through our community feature.

On our WBTV community you will be able to chat with each other and share favorite moments of episodes or post pics of your own exploits! This will be a safe place for you and your family to share the adventures that the Lord is leading you on as you get off your couch and into creation!

I could keep talking, but a picture is worth a thousand words... a video even more... and a streaming platform is worth WAY MORE! So head over to WILDBROTHERS.TV yourself––– It's gonna be a Wild ride!


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