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1. The Good Earth

Toil, sweat, rich earth, and a little seed can feed a village. In this episode the wild brothers will show you the numerous blessings that the good earth yields!


2. Near & Far

The Wild brothers can only walk a short jungle distance in any given day, however the variety of terrain is  incredible. Cross raging rivers, see the effects of a landslide, and listen to the history that the jungle holds in this episdoe that iwll take you near and far. 


3. Dr. In the Hut 

Sickness and death is a stark reality in the jungle, and it comes wrapped up ina. complex worldview. Far from towns or hospitals the Wild brothers will show you how compassion and love can build everlasting relationships. 

Growing up Wild Vol. 3

SKU: 217537123517253
  • 42 minutes

    Activity Guide included for each episode!

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