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Biblical Worldview

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Missionary Kid Adventures


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"Great message!! It brings me joy to see all of your walk with God. My three young boys love to watch and you set an awesome example for them." 

Catherine / TX

"Great video! You guys have some tech skills:-) I loved the Bible teaching."

Karen / IN


We spent the last 16 years living in Indonesia as Christian missionaries. But no more palm trees and lonely islands. We packed our duffle bags and moved back to the grand ol' U.S.A.

Being jungle savvy and island friendly is little help when it comes to navigating the fast pace of American life. But we are ready for the challenge, and are excited to see how the Lord will use us in this new context.

Watch as we live out our convictions in everyday life, through the unique experience of having grown up in Indonesia. We are calling it the Wild Way. Remember, you can take the boys out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the boys.  

Highlands to Island

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True to life

Fake drama is our pet peeve. We will keep you entertained for the right reasons.

Tropical vibes

The most diverse marine environment in the world is just off shore!


Living for the glory of God and the advancement of His kingdom!

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